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Modules & Topics

Each course is broken into sections of relatable learning material called Modules. Each Module contains Topics that need to be completed in the order in which they are presented. No skipping ahead for you!

There could be a few different types of presentations within the Modules including:

  • Slide presentations
  • Column presentations
  • Exercises
  • Quizzes

Marking a Module as Complete

One common feature of all of the modules is that you need to click the “Mark Complete” button once you have completed the module in order to move ahead to the next one.

It looks like this:

The module you are in now ‘Course Structure’ has one Topic, you can see it below “Types of Presentations”. You can click on the Topic and after reading through it as “Mark Complete”. Once all Topics for a particular Module have all been marked as complete you will be brought back to the Module page to mark the entire module as complete.

Module Content
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